Paradises Secrets of Spain

Playa de las Furnas

It’s said that Galicia is an undiscovered paradise for many people and it truly was for us. Playa de las Furnas is one of those magical places where you simply don’t want to leave. Located in the Ria de Noia, the strong waves have created natural pools of impressive green water that makes you enjoy the grandeur of nature.

If the weather is nice, it’s worth going to La Puebla and go to the viewpoint of the Curota (Mirador da Curotiña), you can see a lot of the Galician coast from Pontevedra and Coruña, it’s simply beautiful; well worth going to see the natural pools of the River Piedra (RIO PEDRAS) and a Roman bridge that crosses.

One of the top things to do is watch the sunset in a clear sky and it’s also incredible for surfing activities due to the size of the waves. The majority of locals use this landscape to relax with their partners and others to conquer new ones.

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