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    Paradises Secrets of Spain

    Laguna de la Gitana, Castilla La Mancha

    One of the 7 lagoons of Cañada del Hoyo (Cuenca) that, especially in summer, is as touching as hypnotic. It is then when the high temperatures and carbonates of the water make it change to an almost green color. Legend has it that the tragedy of two lovers, Currita and Jeromo, was the cause of this phenomenon after throwing herself to the desperate lagoon of love … La Laguna de la Gitana is a magical place, where the bond of…

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  • Paradises Secrets of Spain

    Cueva de los Verdes

    The island of Lanzarote is a magical place, perhaps one of the most beautiful in the Canary Islands by the visual strength of its volcanic landscapes, wildness of its cliffs and…

  • Paradises Secrets of Spain

    Nacimiento del Urederra

    The Nacimiento del Urederra forms a colossal amphitheater at the foot of the great limestone wall formed by the Urbasa, descending towards Amescoas through breathtaking turquoise waterfalls. The Urederra river that emerges…

  • Paradises Secrets of Spain

    Playa de las Furnas

    It’s said that Galicia is an undiscovered paradise for many people and it truly was for us. Playa de las Furnas is one of those magical places where you simply don’t…

  • Secrets of Spain

    Cascadas de Orbaneja del Castillo.

    One of the most breathtaking little villages of Spain is Orbaneja del Castillo. Lucky locals and international people have the chance to experience this almost unexplored place in Spain. It’s a…