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    The queen of traditional Spanish food: la tortilla de patata

    It is said that the first known document that relates exactly to the tortilla de patatas comes from 1817, precisely from Navarra. The legend says that it was General Thomas Zumalacárregui who, during the siege of Bilbao, invented the tortilla as a simple, fast and nutritious dish for his men. Although it is also unknown if it is true as they said that the tortilla began to spread during the first Carlista Wars. Another version of the legend claimed that who invented it was…

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    Cueva de los Verdes

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    Nacimiento del Urederra

    The Nacimiento del Urederra forms a colossal amphitheater at the foot of the great limestone wall formed by the Urbasa, descending towards Amescoas through breathtaking turquoise waterfalls. The Urederra river that emerges…

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    Playa de las Furnas

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