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Cascadas de Orbaneja del Castillo.

One of the most breathtaking little villages of Spain is Orbaneja del Castillo. Lucky locals and international people have the chance to experience this almost unexplored place in Spain. It’s a village located at the Ebro’s Riviera on the Valley of Sedano.

A village on the banks of the Ebro in the Valley of Sedano. This enclave of popular architecture with an undeniable charm and crossed by a rivulet of water that comes from the Cueva del Agua in the middle of the village makes this little village a breathtaking experience.

The water comes from the bottom of the mountain, emerges into the cave and then re-immerses between the rock stream, only to reappear in the center of the village, and out of the cave. This village is a must for all those who like the original, rustic, and unique.

However the true joy of this village relies on its historic past where Jews, Moors and Christians lived together, showing that any religion or ethnic group can live together happily and comfortably as one caring community.

There are other incredible sightseeings surrounding the village and if you’re keen to stay longer, we recommend you to stay in the Rural Center La Puebla or at the Restaurant El Rincón for tasty beans and mouthwatering steak.


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    Fred K. Miller
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    Love a bit of good beans, chorizo and quality wine!

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